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DendroDiagnostics is a firm operating from the Columbia area of South Carolina that specializes in Diagnostic Arboriculture and Forestry. Our primary Arborist, Forester and Diagnostician is retired from the South Carolina Forestry Commission where he headed the Forest Health Unit. He has over 30 years experience in diagnosing insect, disease and physiological problems affecting South Carolina’s urban trees and forests. Educational qualifications include a Masters Degree from Duke University in Forest Entomology and Pathology. He is also a S.C. Registered and SAF Certified Forester, an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist and a S.C. Commercial Pesticide Applicator.

Our services are provided directly to S.C. homeowners, landowners and others who contract with us. We have no financial ties to any other Arborists, Tree Services or Forestry companies. After diagnosing your trees’ problems, our Arborist will work with you to find local service providers to perform the needed treatments for healthy tree maintenance. Our impartial status means that you can be sure all of our recommendations are based on the best science and tailored to your situation. This should save money for our customers since we never pressure clients to undertake unnecessary treatments. We will always advise clients if there is little chance of any therapy being successful. Sometimes “saving trees” with overwhelming problems is not possible at any price and tree replacement is a better option.

Our diagnostic services are also available in other areas. Details of each type of service are accessible by clicking on the area of interest listed above. We provide diagnostics and other services throughout South Carolina for Forests, Landscape Nurseries, Christmas Tree plantations and related sites. We can provide talks or training in any of our areas of expertise. Since we are centrally located in the Columbia area, we can travel to any site in South Carolina in three hours or less. Our workweek is Monday – Saturday and we may be contacted at 803-345-1148. For more details see the “Contact Us” page.
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